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Courage to Stand - The Story of Esther Courage to Stand is a musical production about courage and redemption in the life of Esther. This story foreshadows our present-day experience and demonstrates the grace of God in our own lives. Esther is a young girl with struggles and temptations who finds her faith in a world of unbelief and hatred. With the fate of her people in the balance, she must risk her own life for what she believes. Even though the odds are stacked against her, Esther still finds the Courage to Stand.
The Fire Within - The Story of Joseph A powerful testament to God's invisible work in our own lives, “The Fire Within” focuses on the journey of Joseph, a mere 17-year-old Canaanite sold into slavery by his own brothers. The story follows him as he is changed from a prince into a slave, a slave into a prisoner, and from a prisoner into the ruler of Egypt. God ultimately raises him up as a hero so he can unite a nation against their dark future and become a savior to a starving world.
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